A Timeline of Queer Immigration // event Sat, Oct 22nd @ 5pm

A Timeline of Queer Immigration is an attempt to compile key events regarding queer immigration, although international in scope, it is mostly centered around U.S. legal and cultural issues.

See video.

Download timeline flier.

Saturday, October 22, 4pm
Museum of Arts and Design, Columbus Circle, NYC

A Public Conversation about Queer Immigration in the United States. 
Organized by QUEEROCRACY and Carlos Motta

To highlight the issues faced by queer immigrants in the United States, the grassroots organization QUEEROCRACY in collaboration with artist Carlos Motta present “A New Discovery: Queer Immigration in Perspective.” The event will feature presentations by leading queer immigration activists, a public conversation, and a video screening of a social intervention-based performance held by QUEEROCRACY and its allies on Columbus Day at Columbus Circle. “A New Discovery: Queer Immigration in Perspective” attempts to bring attention to the way immigrant and queer politics intersect in the public sphere in ways that both confront, challenge and transform the state mechanisms that police borders and bodies in the United States. This dialogue strives to generate new ideas on how to better make a difference in the lives of queer people around the world.

Presentations and a public conversation by Felipe Baeza, New York State Youth Leadership Council; Hector Canonge, CINEMAROSA; Camilo Godoy, QUEEROCRACY; Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Staff Attorney, Lambda Legal; Jackie Vimo, activist and PhD Candidate in Politics, The New School for Social Research; and a video address by Tania Bruguera, Immigrant Movement International. Moderated by Carlos Motta, artist.

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