International Day Against Homophophia & Transphobia [IDAHO]

Hey! Today is International Day Against Homophophia & Transphobia!!  Over the last couple weeks, President Obama has come out in support of gay marriage; a useful article in the UK Guardian Gay rights in the US, state by state appeared in response to North Carolina; and closer to home (or rather to me), a couple of my Facebook friends (one in Tennessee and one in Germany) decided to tell me that what I’m doing is ‘sinful’ and an ‘abomination’.  Hmm, now what is it that I am doing?  Best guess is that they are referring to me changing my status on Facebook a month ago to reflect my relationship with Greg.   Sharing that on Facebook just seemed like a nice way to celebrate our year-and-a-half courtship.  With all this movement – some forward, some backward – the  International Day Against Homophophia & Transphobia is real important.

The issue of Facebook is also important in as much as homophobia and transphobia can inhabit the evolving space of social media in overt and covert ways… thus allowing a friend to level harsh and unsolicited judgement.  A few months back, a non-virtual, real-life friend and amazing artist, Niki Singleton, and I cooked up a series of cartoon strip vignettes on four peoples’ different experiences of homophobia and transphobia on Facebook.  I’ll post the stories here again — Todd, Niki, Cameron, and a friend in the Middle East.

  1. Have you unfriended them yet? Honestly, an “abomination”? What kind of fuckwits do you associate with?

  2. Actually, I unfriended one of them (the abomination guy) and engaged the other one. It’s complicated …as is life, eh? I come from the south of the US and when I got into facebook, I simply didn’t think to put a filter up for those who might not like my sexual orientation. That is naive perhaps, but speaks to the notion of social media ‘followers’ being ‘friends’ in the first place.

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