Art / Media … petitioning the government

All my little blogs have been crying out of neglect!  I’ve had this point to make for a few weeks now since I moderated an event at the Queens Museum during the Crossfire Exhibit.  Without telling you what you can easily google, Crossfire is an exhibition and project by Shahidul Alam focused on the extrajudicial killings in his native Dhaka, Bangladesh, but which happen in many major cities and urban areas around the world where the rule of law seems to exist yet is drunk on its own power.  As a part of the exhibit, there is a petition asking the US (and UK) governments to stop funding the training of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) under the auspices of human rights.  What I found so interesting is that another high profile project that’s been in our face from all angles – Kony 2012 – does just the opposite: asks the US and other governments to intervene in the capture of Daniel Kony, head of the Lord’s Resistance Army in and around Uganda.  I need to run off to work, but actually I don’t think that my commentary is needed here … project by local Bangladeshi activist asks for intervention to stop in his country vs. project by missionary-esque US outfit asking for US intervention to happen regionally in Africa.  I’ll just leave it at that … PS, here’s what my star crush, Mahmood Mamdani has to say about KONY2012.

Wait!  The Crossfire Exhibit has just finished its run at Queens Museum and is looking for a New York City home for a couple months.  It is an easy to install, beautifully-done exhibit.  If you have or know of a small gallery or office space where it can be hosted, please let me know.  Here are some images from the QMA opening.

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