art + minus = labor

Joining the welcome chorus of OWS Arts & Labor Working Group, Working Artists and the Greater Economy (WAGE), and the e-flux promotion of a campaign, Sotheby’s: Offer Your Art Handlers A Fair Contract, Hyperallergic has given good coverage to the issue of art & labor (see below for links).

I’ve also enjoyed learning about the Art Workers’ Coalition in a interview w/ Julia Bryan-Wilson, The occupation of art’s labor in The Platypus Review.  And, my favorite piece, which sort of sums it all up is From Precarity to Precariousness and Back Again: Labour, Life and Unstable Networks.  In Hyperallergic:

Artist Payments at NYC Nonprofits, By the Numbers

“Procrastiworking” Your Way to Creative Success

Why Are (Most) Artists (So Fucking) Poor?

New Data Reveals Artists Aren’t Gettin’ Paid

The Art World Plague of Unpaid Internships

Worker Bees of the Art World, Unite

Wasted Rita has a whole selection of hilarious works exploring the life of the broke artist like this one, “I am…” (via

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