Words with Weight … from FIARI to the Creative Act

I got the chance to visit the Mexico City home of Leon Trotsky during my vacation, where I learned about the Federação Internacional da Arte Revolucionária e Independente (FIARI) and the Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art, written by Andre Breton and Trotsky and supported by Diego Rivera.  These days in my work with both Global Arts Corps and freeDimensional, I am often tasked with evaluating how art and artistic approaches lead to social change.  It’s a tough question with a response (or responses) that don’t easily fit into the neo-liberal economic vernacular common to today’s monitoring & evaluation norms.  When I read Trotsky and Breton’s manifesto and think about other important voices on the role of art in society, such as Marcel Duchamp‘s ideas in The Creative Act, I kinda wish these folks were still around to help come up with an appropriate evaluation tool.  Wishful thinking, eh?

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