Inspiring Siblings

Over the #S17 weekend, I worked the email matching visiting Occupiers with NYC hosts.  We were still working the kinks out of the system, and I didn’t have permission to share the hosts contact information with those needing a place to stay.  Because I’d never met parties on either side, I wasn’t so confident that matching would work over such an informal channel as email.  The next day, I received an email from the brother of a woman who’d signed up to host.  He said that his sister’s place was full and that he’d like to open up his home.  I went to work looking for a good match, and when I sent him some options he told me he’d already been contacting Occupiers from the list I’d given provided his sister the day before.  He found a couple of students from Canada who needed a place to stay.  It seems quite simple, but it was a powerful example of sharing that inspired me to keep giving my time and energy to the movement.

Here’s a blog for the Triangle Network where I share more of my experience with the Host an Occupier (HaO) initiative and Occupy Wall Street (OWS).

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