Geographies of Incarceration: a 21st Century Teach-in {Oct 3}

incarcerationThurs, Oct 3, 6 PM Teachers College, Cowin TheaterAn evening of film screenings, readings and discussions exploring the role of art and artists in checking the epidemic of mass incarceration—widely considered the Civil Rights issue of today. Participants include Columbia faculty Kendall Thomas, Carl Hart, Jamal Joseph and Patricia Williams, as well as CUNY professor Michele Fine, and poets Kiese Laymon and Pamela Sneed.  

This 21st century-style teach-in challenges the epidemic of mass incarceration and intends to catalyze ideas for change, public engagement, and new ways to address this Civil Rights issue of today. The evening will focus on the important role of artists and the arts in the quest for social transformation. Activities include film screenings, theatrical readings, and discussions among leading thinkers, university scholars, and the audience, led by Kendall Thomas (Nash Professor of Law and the Director for the Center of Law and Culture, Columbia School of Law), and including Carl Hart (Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Mailman School of Public Health); Pamela Sneed, (Poet and Professor); Jamal Joseph (Playwright and Professor, School of the Arts, Columbia); Professor Patricia Williams (James L. Dohr Professor of Law, Columbia School of Law) and Kiese Laymon.
Here’s the event link, plus a shout-out to these like-minded endeavors:
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