The Global Gay Issues Reader

yummyYou may ask ‘why this image? ‘ …um…because dude to the right is off-the-charts-sexy and I couldn’t find a google image with just him (no offense to the other two cuties).  But seriously, Play Smart Together: Artist Talk and Launch, an upcoming event by Visual AIDS picks up the topic of social marketing, which is a global issue.  OK, so regarding the title .. I’m just kidding.  Lately, I’ve been seeing and thinking about how things are called/named/framed/etc.  ‘Reader’ sounds important when all I’m really doing is offering a mash-up of opinions (some contradictory) on the state of gay stuff globally.  Here goes … what do you think?

One step forward, two steps back? The gaps between LGBTI policy and practice in foreign aid

Distorting Russia How the American media misrepresent Putin, Sochi and Ukraine

A gay Russian-American examines Sochi protest

Russia’s anti-gay law is wrong – but so is some of the criticism from the west

Enough of the liberal pieties on Sochi and gay rights

Real enemies, false friends: Imperialism and homophobia in Africa 

HRC’s International Expansion Funded By The Worst Humans

HRC and the vulture fund: Making Third World poverty pay for LGBT rights

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