Visiting Palestine

cropped-cropped-group-khader1I recently met some of the folks behind AEF Palestine at the Istikshaf Conference in Amman.  I was asked to do a standard evaluation of that conference yesterday and this to say:

Since there [were] so many different types of delegates (business, government, nonprofit, arts), I think a preliminary session on the relation b/w human and artist mobility would be useful and quite foundational.  I was very pleased with the content otherwise.  I loved the critical spirit of debate.  Every time I had a question or concern about something that had been said, it was handily addressed by an audience member (in the Q and A) before I could even form my response.  We need to be convened like this more often so that our common goals and articulated differences can evolve into a sturdy platform that will be durable for the hosting/holding/instigating/catalyzing urgent reforms in how people move on this planet.


The idea I mention here is a core tenet of freeDimensional‘s work.  I also recently learned about the ImaginAction residencies in Palestine.  And, there’s the work of JustVision and Seeds of Peace.  AEF Palestine can be reached at

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