We could say to ourselves ‘Not one more!’

… but if we did, we’d have to acknowledge that the countless Columbines over the last 15 years are a part of the same national pathology of using force to take what we want, oft based on contrived rationale (e.g. oil in Iraq).  We must admit that pork barrel politics keeps blood on the hands of people in almost every state in the nation.  We would need to radically redefine the US as a peaceful power, which would require the dismantling of itself as a war machine from the inside out.  In the words of Harry Frankfurt, we’d have to ‘recognize [our national] bullshit’.  My heart goes out to the family of Christopher Martinez and so many others who needlessly die from politics as usual.  I agree with the author of the source article who wrote, “This truth may not triumph tomorrow, but the truth remains the truth. It would be nice if the President, who knows all this perfectly well, put aside his conciliatory manner and his search for consensus and just said it. Speak up, Mr. President! Speak plainly. Just say, Last night, I heard Chris’s dad. He’s right.

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